Example Of Recount Text – Holiday At Bintan Island

34135059 Two years ago, I and my family holiday at bintan island. The trip to bintan island turned out to be quite easy, from the punggur harbour’s we only need to use a speedboat for 15 minutes or roro ships than can carry some cars and motorcycles to the bintan island. During a trip to the bintan island quite convenient, because treated to be a beautiful view of the sea.

Arrived at bintan island, I and my family headed straight to hotel. I and my family rested after a fairly exhausting trip.

Lagoi beach

                          Lagoi beach

Next day, I and my family went to lagoi beach. Lagoi beach is one of the pride of the bintan island tour. Lagoi beach has beautiful natural scenery and a clean environment conditions. That the main attraction was in the palm tree lined up neatly along the edge of the beach, and a vast expanse of white sand and pounding of waves are beautiful. Lagoi beach until now frequently visited by foreign tourist.

Arrived at the lagoi beach, I and my family get ready to swim. After a long enough swim, I and my family decided to eat at the restaurant typical cuisine of Bintan island. Next day I and my family getting ready to go back to batam.

Holiday at bintan island is very enjoyable and impressive, scenery that we can’t find at batam.

Thank you 🙂


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